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How can RTT help me?

  • Anxiety
  • Confidence
  • Self-esteem
  • Public speaking
  • Depression
  • Motivation
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Wealth blocks

Need help with something you don't see on the list?

So, how does it work?

There are three main components that make RTT so effective


We start by investigating and understanding the origins of your issue. When did it start? No one is born anxious, depressed or self-criticizing, so where did it begin? I’ll guide you into a relaxed state, where you can more easily explore your unique and interesting thought processes. With therapeutic guidance, you’ll be able to look at and review moments that hold important information. Not reliving it, but seeing it with fresh perspective, and ultimately, resolving it for good.


I’ll guide you in interpreting and understanding the beliefs and coping mechanisms formed through your life experiences. If there are feelings that need to be resolved, we work on resolving them. If the old defense mechanisms aren’t helping you anymore, we update them. It’s often been said, you can’t fix what you don’t understand. In being able to see where the issue started, and being able to understand it on a much deeper level, it’s becomes much easier to change it in a positive and transforming way. If you’re interested in how understanding can help you resolve an issue for good, stay tuned for my future article, ‘how understanding can change everything.’


You will receive a personalized hypnosis recording, composed of the information I learn from speaking directly with you. Your tailor made recording will contain helpful, healing suggestions, and everything you need to hear and believe in order to start healing and living a full and fulfilling life. You can effectively, ‘install’ positive and helpful beliefs based on what you want most. It’s essential to listen to the hypnosis recording for at least 21 days post-session to help cement in the new beliefs, and after that the recording is then yours to keep and use anytime you like.

The flow of an RTT Session

Free consultation

I offer a free 20minute consultation so you can decide if hypnotherapy is right for you, without the stress. You can ask questions, learn more about what to expect, and I’ll also ask a few questions to better understand you, and what you’d most like to achieve. 


  • Sessions generally take 2 hours, but can take longer depending on the issue. (I recommend planning for the possibility of 3 hours. The cost does not increase if the session takes more time.)
  • I’ll start by asking some questions so I can better understand you and what you’d most like to achieve.
  • I will then explain a bit about what to expect. 
  • I’ll guide you into a relaxed state, and simply ask you to remember a time that is associated with the issue.
  • You get to view the memories associated with the issue, but you won’t be re-experiencing them, just reviewing them.
  • I’ll guide you in identifying and challenging old beliefs or coping mechanisms that may be hurting you in your daily life. 
  • I will make you a recording at the end of the session that is customized to your individual experience. The recording should be listened to for 21days, as it takes the mind 21days to cement in new information.

Personalized 21day recording

Once the session is finished, I will provide you with a recording that is generally around 20 minutes long.

It’s very important you listen to this everyday for at least 21 days.

The mind learns by repetition, and hearing the repeated recording is absolutely essential for helping cement in the new beliefs.

Follow up

I will follow up with you twice throughout the month after your hypnotherapy session. During your 2x 30minutes follow up counselling sessions, I will check in on your fantastic progress, answer any questions you may have, provide helpful advice, and offer guidance when needed.

What happens after the session?

In just one session, you can have a greater and deeper understanding of yourself. You can have instant and lasting results, living freely, with a lighter and fresher mind. 

There are 3 main ways people experience changes.

  • Immediate- You notice right away. The changes are very obvious and clear day 1.
  • Incremental- You start to see the difference over time, usually during the 21 days after the session. 
  • Retroactive- You don’t notice the changes at all, then one day you suddenly realise or someone points it out to you.

You can find answers that you would never have been able to find just by thinking about them. Having a deeper understanding of yourself, and recognizing your amazing ability to grow and change. I have countless happy clients that have changed their lives in phenomenal ways. Have a look at what they have to say!


Schedule your free consultation, and let’s see what I can do for you!

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