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RTT is effective for and not limited to:

Fears, Phobias, Anxiety, Depression, Confidence, Self-esteem, Public speaking, Weight, Unexplained infertility, People pleasing, Addiction, Quitting smoking, Habits, Imposter syndrome, Fear of failure, Fear of rejection, Money blocks, Sexual dysfunctions, and General concepts, such as; “why do I get angry when we talk about marriage?”

If you’re wondering whether RTT is right for you, please send me a message or book a free consultation. 

  • Sessions generally take between 1.5-2 hours, but can take longer depending on the issue. (I recommend allowing 3 hours of time just in case. The cost does not increase if the session takes more time.)
  • I’ll start by asking you some questions to better understand what you would like to get out of the session.
  • I will then explain to you what you need to do to put yourself into hypnosis.
  • I will guide you into a hypnotic state, Where you’ll be able to access the information in your subconscious mind to better understand why and where the issue came from.
  • You get to view the memories associated with the issue, but you won’t be re-experiencing them. Just viewing them from your adult perspective.
  • I’ll use a series of tools to help you identify and flip old beliefs or coping mechanisms that may be hurting you in your daily life. Each session is customized to each individual person, so which tools I use depends on your unique needs.
  • Once the session is over, I will provide you with a recording that is generally around 20 minutes long. It’s very important you listen to this everyday for at least 21 days. The mind learns by repetition, and hearing the repeated recording is absolutely essential for helping cement in the new beliefs.
  • I will follow up with you twice throughout the month after the session. This includes a follow-up email approximately 10days after the session and a follow-up call around 21 days.

All sessions are completely confidential.

That’s fantastic, knowledge is very powerful!

You can make a conscious effort to change and control your actions and behaviours with that knowledge. But you might have noticed, the thoughts still come back, and the feelings still come up, even when we’re aware. It can take a long time to feel better even after we know why it’s happening. RTT can look at it with a magnifying glass and give you deeper insight as well as aid you from a subconscious level.

You absolutely can have instant results, however, there are 3 main ways that people notice the changes.

  • Immediate- This is when you notice right away. The changes are very obvious and clear day 1.
  • Incremental- You start to see the difference over time, usually during the 21 days after the session. 
  • Retroactive- You don’t notice the changes at all, then one day you suddenly realise.

You can expect to feel very relaxed.

We go into a hypnotic state naturally in our daily lives. Have you ever been driving and you arrive at your destination, but you didn’t pay attention to every detail of how you got there? Or watched a movie and became unaware of your surroundings because you were so engrossed? Those are daily life examples of hypnosis. It’s a very natural mental state. Meditation also feels a lot like hypnosis.

Absolutely not! You are in complete control.

You will be more open to suggestions, but you would not do anything that wasn’t aligned with your personal interests. For example, if I ask you to stand up, you might stand up. But if I told you to go make me a cup of coffee, you wouldn’t. Because, why would you? 


It’s important to note that people who raise their hand for stage hypnosis are ready to go up on stage and do something silly.

They’re aware that it’s for fun, that people will be watching, and they’ll be asked to do something. There’s also an underlying feeling that if they don’t play along, they might ruin the fun! 

If they were asked to do something they truly don’t want to do, they won’t.

I’ve seen 3 stage hypnotists in my lifetime. 2 of those times there were a few people that went on stage and ended up getting off early because they didn’t want to do it anymore. You can absolutely break hypnosis, or choose not to do something if you don’t want to do it! It’s just a relaxed state of mind that is open to suggestion. 

RTT works with the feelings and beliefs that were formed around the memory, not the actual memory. So whether it’s false or not isn’t important for the therapy to work. 

We are just reviewing the memories, not reliving them. You will just be observing as if watching on a TV screen at a safe distance.

You can send me an email, or book a 20 minute consultation call. It’s completely free and there is no obligation to book an appointment. Let’s chat and see if we’re a good fit!

RTT is not recommended for those experiencing psychosis, seizures or severe bi-polar disorder. 

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