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Would you love to quit smoking?

Want to quit smoking, but can’t seem to kick the habit? In as little as 1 month you can be done with smoking for good. Hypnosis has been hugely effective for millions of people, and it can work for you too. Sounds too good to be true right? Let me tell you a bit about how and why hypnotherapy works so incredibly well.

What makes hypnotherapy so successful?

Hypnotherapy works with your psychology, by breaking down the harmful thought patterns associated with smoking. It helps you target the subconscious motivations that keep you coming back, and put a stop to them. In order to properly quit, it’s important your conscious and subconscious mind are both motivated. Let me give you an idea why that’s so essential.

Conscious mind: Is responsible for critical thinking, conscious decisions, and the thoughts we’re aware of. An example would be; deciding to go to the convenience store and choosing a snack.

Subconscious mind: Is responsible for impulsiveness, habits, urges, reflexes, and quick emotion. It’s our feeling mind. The things we do automatically without really ‘thinking’ about it. This is the part of your mind that silently encourages you towards the things you consciously know are bad for you, but somehow seem all the more attractive when you try to resist. Maybe you went to convenience store fully intending to grab something healthy but left with a candy bar. Guess which was responsible for that?

Hypnotherapy works with your subconscious mind, right at the source of the habit. You’ll be consciously telling your mind, ‘no thank you,’ and your subconscious mind will be right there with you. So, how on earth does this work?

It’s all about perception

It’s not hocus pocus, and it’s not some magical cure, in fact, it’s quite simple and logical. I’ll help you change the way you think about smoking, which in turn will make it much much easier. How do I do that you may ask?

Here’s a great example:

Think of something you’d enjoy having for dinner. For example, tacos. How could you possibly change your mind on tacos? Once you’ve got a delicious food item in your mind, tell yourself you can’t have it. You shouldn’t. You mustn’t. It’s not good for you. Tell yourself you’re not allowed. Don’t touch it, don’t smell it, don’t even think about it. That doesn’t really work, does it? In fact, it likely makes you want it more. Your habit forming, impulsive, subconscious often starts to find it even more attractive.

Now, imagine that someone has just a taken a big, wet, snotty, sneeze all over that food. How badly do you want it now? (Sorry for the imagery.) I assume, not at all. I’d venture to say it would be really really easy not to want to even think about eating it. So you see, it’s all about how we think about and perceive things. Your conscious mind, and that whispering, urging, niggling subconscious mind are now both in agreement. You most certainly do not want those tacos.

When your perception changes, you make different decisions. Loads of people every day wouldn’t even dream of smoking, and it’s absolutely easy for them. With a refreshed and clearer mindset, it can be easy for you too.

So, what are you telling yourself?

Maybe something like..

  • ‘I need it to enjoy my coffee’
  • ‘It helps me start my day’
  • ‘It’s not really hurting anyone’
  • ‘I need it to cope’
  • ‘It helps me sleep’

Smoking is reducing the quality of nearly every aspect of your life. That’s the truth. You hear it all the time, they paste it on the front of cigarette packages.. it’s awful for your health, ruins your teeth, makes you smell bad. That’s never been enough to actually stop though has it? It’s time to get that convincing, subconscious mind in agreement and end the internal battle. Seriously, let’s take a big old sneeze on smoking.

Let’s change your perception, and get your thoughts on board with stopping for good, because the reality is, the benefits of quitting are much much more than continuing.

What makes this program work so incredibly well?

1.You’re not doing it alone.

People who have support are 3-4x more likely to quit for good. You won’t walk away from your session and be expected to do it by yourself. I’ll be following along with you through each major step of your journey. If you need it, we’ll connect 3days, 7days and 21days after your session. You’ll also have access to text/email support, directly with me, Mon-Fri 9-5.

2. You can take your time

This program includes one full month of continuous support, with daily subconscious reinforcement. You could have instant results and quit with ease, or you might need more time to adjust. It’s your journey, and if it takes time to get there, then we’ll take the time. The goal is to get you smoke free, and I will do everything in my power, working together with you, to get you there.

3. There’s a clear path forward

You won’t have to wonder what’s going to happen next. I’ll give you a clear idea what to expect, what the next steps are, what’s perfectly normal, and what will pass. Got questions? I’ll answer them. I’ll help you build that picture in your mind of what your life looks like without smoking, and all you’ll have to do is follow along.

4. Useful techniques

I’ll introduce you to a combination of simple, useful and effective techniques that can easily be implemented into your daily life. These techniques have been passed on from some of the most successful therapists, and I’ll be sharing them with you.

5. Seriously, it’s rewarding.

Quitting smoking is one of thee most rewarding things you can do for yourself, and with this program, it will feel like the reward it is. I’ll help keep you in a positive mindset. You’ll be focusing on what you are gaining, looking forward to your freedom, your health and your wealth.

6. It’s confidential

Anything and everything you share with me is completely confidential, and will not be shared with anyone without your consent. I may ask your permission to use your words to convey to others just how well this works, but not without your permission, and not with any identifying information.

7. Daily subconscious reinforcement

You will receive a quit smoking hypnosis recording tailor made just for you. This recording will be chock-full of your personal motivations, effectively changing your mind and keeping you on track to quitting for good. Your guided hypnosis recording will include a combination of what I learn directly from you, and highly effective hypnotic suggestions that have helped countless people around the world find success.

8. It’s about YOU

It’s not surface level, and it’s not cookie cutter. This is your personal experience we’re talking about here, and it’s your future we’re creating. I will customize, adjust and tailor your therapy to your unique needs. Everyone’s life experiences are going to be different, and everyone’s motivations are going to be unique. So, why do you want to quit? What does is mean to you?

Maybe for you, smoking is..

  • Destroying your health
  • Turning your teeth yellow
  • Making you hide your smile
  • Lingering on your clothes
  • Getting way too expensive
  • Contributing to fertility issues
  • Hurting your family
  • Limiting your dating pool
  • Is hugely inconvenient
  • Always on your mind
  • Taking away your freedom

Or maybe

It just doesn’t make sense for your life anymore.

You have your reasons, and those reasons matter when it comes to keeping you motivated and smoke free. I take time to connect and figure out exactly what it is that you need, so you can have the best possible results.

9. Recipe for success

The moment you sign up, you’ll receive easy to follow instructions before the session even begins. I learn about you, and what’s going on in your beautiful mind, as we work together in your hypnotherapy session, effectively convincing your subconscious mind quitting smoking is a fabulous idea. I follow-up with you throughout the month if/when you need support through video call, phone, email or text. You’ll have relevant techniques and a personalized hypnosis recording that will continuously reinforce your resolve to stop for good.

Together we create the iron clad foundation that leads to your personal success and freedom.

With this program you’ll receive:

  • A free consultation
  • Tips and tricks you can implement even before the session
  • Clear and helpful information
  • 2hr quit smoking hypnotherapy session
  • Tailor made hypnosis recording
  • Email/text support
  • Helpful techniques
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Frequent follow-ups

11. People get incredible results

Nearly all my clients have told me it’s the only thing that worked for them. I’ve heard people say it’s like they barely remember they ever smoked because they just don’t identify with it anymore. ‘It feels like a lifetime ago.’ Many many clients have told me they had ZERO cravings. “I smoked for more than half my life, I wish I’d done this sooner.” People have told me they can be around people who are smoking and it’s the most disinteresting thing. They’ve told me it’s easy, it’s effortless, it works.

“I tried everything. Different books, programes, motivational videos, exercise, promises to me, promises to my family, and nothing worked. With your recording and session, in just 2days I was able to reach my goal. I would not have achieved this without your help, so thank you very much!”

“I’d been smoking for over 20years. I switched to vaping, but I really wanted to quit entirely. After so many years, I finally quit for good! No vaping, and even better NO CRAVINGS! I’m free! Chelsea is professional, caring, and will get the job done! She delivers results!”

“I smoked for about 30years and I never could quit. In the session I realized all those years ago I had started smoking to fit in. I wanted to feel like I belonged. After the session, something clicked, and I really don’t want to smoke anymore. I’m so happy to be rid of the stress of finding a place to smoke, or squeezing in a cigarette during work. I honestly wish I’d done it sooner.”

The choice is yours!

You’re completely in control. Though I’ve been told it feels like magic, it really isn’t. I can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do, but I can work together with you. Hypnotherapy can make it feel incredibly effortless to quit, and smoking can become the most disinteresting thing to you. You could look at a cigarette and see all the things it takes away from you and leave it behind like a bad ex. You can breathe deeper, smell fresher, have more time, more money, feel healthier, happier, more you. Or, you could make the conscious decision to go right back to it. Ultimately the choice is always yours. If you are determined, if you choose this for yourself, it can work for you too!

What are you waiting for?

It’s a great time to make a change and improve your life in countless ways. If you’re still on the fence, or have a few questions, book a free consultation, and I’ll answer all your questions at no cost to you. Or, if you prefer, send me an email at:

So what are you waiting for? The time is now! You’re so much more than smoking. Let’s update your life and your mind to the you without cigarettes.

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